Vitamin D3 Benefits for Women & Why You Should Be Taking Your Daily Dose

12 Jan

Vitamin D3 has been all over the news the past few years and with good reason: it’s a necessary part of a healthy diet and important to longevity and good health. It is particularly important for women, especially those over forty. In this article, you’ll learn about the specific vitamin D3 benefits for women.

Scientists currently estimate that 90% of the population is deficient in vitamin D3. The reason for this is clear: more and more people spend most of their time indoors; we no longer

vitamin d3 benefits


Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Menopause

29 Sep

Moderate alcohol consumption in menopausal women helps build bone density.

Yes, you read that right! Before you start to raise a glass in toast, here are the facts:

According to a study done at Oregon State University by researcher Urszula Iwaniec, drinking a small amount of wine consistently (1-2 four-ounce glasses per night) is actually better for your bones than drinking milk. Alcohol appears to slow the process of bone turnover (breakdown, reabsorption and building of new bone),

Moderate alcohol consumption and menopause

Women Menopause Symptoms – Women Embarrassed To Discuss Sex-Related Symptoms with Doctors

18 Feb

Some women menopause symptoms may go undisclosed due to embarrassment. A new survey shows that women are shy about discussing symptoms like loss of libido and vaginal dryness and atrophy with their physicians. In fact, most women delay bringing up the topic of conversation for at least two years after experiencing symptoms either because they feel that it is humiliating or because they doubt that medical doctors can do anything about what they may see as the inevitable decline of their sexual

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Menopause Symptoms: Breast Pain May Signal Breast Cancer

3 Dec

Menopause symptoms: breast pain or tenderness could be a warning sign of breast cancer. We’ve all read about the 2002 study that linked hormone replacement therapy to breast and uterine cancer in menopausal women. That study was later debunked due to some flaws in the study, yet still, fears about the outcome of using hormone therapy to reduce the symptoms of menopause abounds. While some women take synthetic hormones, others take bioidenticals, others go au naturel. For those who do take

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Are Menopause Symptoms in Women, Alcohol Use and Breast Cancer Risk Related?

3 Dec

A question that I am often asked in the seminars I lead is, “Are menopause symptoms in women, alcohol use and breast cancer risk related?” Women have to give up a lot of habits during menopause in order to preserve long term health and many are hoping to hold on to that nightly glass of wine if possible. After all, we’ve been told that 1-2 glasses of wine per night (especially red wine) benefits cardiovascular health, right? So why is it suddenly associated with breast cancer risk?


Are Menopause Symptoms in Women, Alcohol Use and Breast Cancer Risk Related?

Yoga for Menopause Symptoms

17 Nov

Yoga for menopause has many important benefits that researchers are just beginning to wrap their minds around. Long touted as an exercise that has more than just a physical benefit to the body, yoga strengthens the muscles, helps create a sense of balance, improves the core muscles (which are essential to good posture) and calms and centers those who practice it. It works on your body from the inside out, making you more aware of yourself through specific breathing practices.

In addition to

Yoga for Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms: Memory Loss – Are You Really Losing Your Mind?

16 Nov

Menopause symptoms: memory loss … is it real or imagined? Do our memories really fail drastically as we age? I often wondered about this because as a menopausal woman who is raising two teenage boys, I would often chide myself for forgetting this or that, but I also noticed that my teenage boys could barely remember what they’d had for breakfast a few hours after they ate it. Of course, you could tease me here and say that maybe the problem is that my breakfasts are just not that memorable,

Menopause Symptoms: Memory Loss